Is it necessary to make a reservation?

We strongly suggest reserving in advance. Quite often A/Maze is fully booked for a day. Visit our reservation page to see available dates and times. All reservations can be made online or over the phone: 587.583.5803.

How much does it cost?

Both Tesla’s Study and The Cabaret Voltaire: $27.00 per person. ($70 for a group of 2)

Max Baker: $30.00 per person

How do I cancel / edit my reservation?

To cancel or edit your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible by email or by phone at 587.583.5803. Tickets are fully refundable up to 24 hours before the game. There is no refund if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance.

Do you have parking?

Unfortunately, A/Maze Calgary does not have a parking lot but you may park on the streets surrounding A/Maze.

Can we do corporate team building exercise / birthday party / special event at A/Maze?

A/Maze is a perfect place for a group event!

Once our third room opens in October, we can host up to 36 people. Up to 24 people can play simultaneously. For those waiting to play, we have a designated lounge area with board games. Catering can also be arranged – we work closely with a few local restaurants. You can always use your own catering company.

We made a reservation on the website and paid for 5 people, but one of us can’t come. Can we get a refund for a missing player?

No problem at all. Contact us more than 24 hours before your reservation for a full refund; otherwise a gift card or refund will be issued on site for the remaining balance.

Why is it 13+?

Our activities are for all ages; however some elements might be more challenging for players under the age of 13. Therefore we ask for at least one adult participant to be among a younger group.

We are a team of 2-3-4 participants. Is it possible that someone else will play with us?

No, all of our bookings are private, so you will never have another group join you.

We want to play just 2 or 3 people; is this possible?

Yes, all bookings are private.

Is it scary or are there any tasks that require physical strength or special abilities?

No physical strength is required to solve any of our puzzles—all you need is your mind. As well, nothing is too scary in the room, and nothing will jump out at you.

Is the building barrier free and wheel chair accessible?

A/Maze is located in the basement of an old industrial building. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible.

Do you have any discounts for kids?

Yes – kids 12 years and younger play for 19.05 a person. Children under 4 play for free.

Our picture was taken after the game – where can we find it?

All photos are posted on our Facebook page within three days of your experience. You will receive an email once the photos are uploaded