Our Team at A/Maze Calgary

History of A/Maze Calgary

A/Maze Calgary opened in July of 2017.


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Khalid is responsible for the look and feel of A/Maze Calgary. He both designed and constructed the space. He has a Master’s degree in Architecture, and has been both constructing and designing for 20 years. Random other facts about Khalid. Blah blah blah blah.


If you have ever been to A/Maze, you have most likely seen Sean at the front desk. On rare occasion, you may see him wiring up new props for rooms. He is responsible for all technology in rooms, puzzles, story, and runs the business day to day.

Along with working at A/Maze, Sean teaches Computer Science and consults writing software. He likes meditation, board games, comics, and indie games. You can see him outside of A/Maze taking the employee of the month for walks.


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Employee of the Month: Murtaugh