Doing Our Best to Keep You Safe

What we are doing to keep you safe in our escape rooms.


As Alberta enters Stage 2 of its reopening plan, escape rooms are now allowed to reopen. We want to do our absolute best to keep everyone who comes through our doors safe, and will be following the Alberta Health Guidelines


Disinfecting Rooms Between Each Group

We do our best at A/Maze to keep our location clean, but during this period we will be thoroughly disinfecting rooms after each group. As a result, we will have less bookings than normal, as we will have the most time between groups of any escape room in Calgary. Your safety is our number 1 goal.

We will also have laminated or changed to using paper with easy to clean surfaces for all written materials in our escape rooms.

Providing safety equipment

We do our best at A/Maze to keep our location clean, but we will be thoroughly cleaning rooms after each group. This will add time between resets of rooms, so we ask that every group show up at least 10-15 minutes before their booking so that we can start on time.

Private and Limited Escape Room Bookings

All of our bookings at A/Maze are private. No one will ever be paired with another group, and we implore you to come with friends who you trust have not tested positive for COVID-19. We will also be running only 2 rooms (Max Baker and Tesla’s Study) for the foreseeable future to limit capacity and potential customer interaction. We have, at the moment, the longest amo

No Charge for Missing Group Members

When you book a room at A/Maze, you pay a deposit of 50% of your final booking price. However, if you have any group members who do not show up, you will not be charged for them. We do not want anyone to feel any pressure if a group member is sick or cannot make it.

Hassle Free Rescheduling

We normally require 24 hours to reschedule a booking, but we will be changing to give you the ability to reschedule any booking up to 4 hours before a booking begins. We know that everyone is under a lot of stress and we in no way want to increase this.

Card Only Payment

We will encouraging people to not use cash during this period, and prefer dealing with credit or debit cards. This is for sanitary purposes.

Remote Work for Sick Employees

Our employees at A/Maze run our rooms from the front desk and both monitor groups progress, and send them clues. We are changing some of our systems for doing this so that, if an employee is at all sick, or is a risk of being ill, we will be allowing them to run a room while at home. We, of course, will always have at least one employee on location.


Stay Home If You Are Sick

If you are at all feeling ill, please stay home. Let us know as soon as possible and give us a call at (587)583-5803, or e-mail us at Your health is of the utmost importance.

Show up on time

We will be less relaxed about allowing a group’s time to start late during this period. We know that things come up, but resets between groups will take us additional time for cleaning, so out of respect for other people’s bookings, please show up 15 minutes before your booking starts.

Do not panic and keep yourself informed

This is an unprecedented event that is happening, and we want everyone to stay as informed as possible. Keep yourself informed by checking out items from the World Health Organization and groups like IPAC Canada.